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// Welcome

  I believe that every person experiences at least one event that completely alters
  their path in life. For me, that event was discovering the beauty, elegance, and
  complexity involved in software development. I don't know how to describe the
  feeling I get after hours of working on a problem and exhausting a multitude of
  ideas only to have my design, my solution, work. But whatever that feeling is, it's
  definitely addicting.

  Such experiences have allowed me to view programming as an art, the art of
  problem solving. Of course there is a substantial technical side to it that not
  everyone can comprehend, but once you do, you begin to see that all of the
  technologies (languages, API's, frameworks, etc...) are simply tools. Tools
  used to solve problems.

  I have come to realize that by relinquishing those tools I am bound only by my
  own creativity and am free to solve problems in my own way by identifying logical
  components and determining their interactions. And once a solution has been
  identified, I then use those tools to transform my solution into something tangible.
  Of course this process inevitably brings forth unexpected challenges but that's
  part of the fun because solving these unforeseen issues always pushes me to find
  creative solutions and I usually end up learning something new in the process.

  My name is Sandon Fetters and I'm a programmer. I hope you enjoy the site.

// Technical Skills

 ~ Object Oriented Design
 ~ Familiar with Design Patterns
 ~ 3D Mathematics & Physics
 ~ Fluent in C/C++
 ~ Experience with C#, VC++, VB.Net
 ~ Proficient with Visual Studio 2008/2010
 ~ Comfortable with OpenGL, DirectX, WinAPI

// Personal Skills

 ~ Passionate about Learning
 ~ Excellent Communication Skills
 ~ Strong Organizational Skills
 ~ Logical Thought Process
 ~ Creative Problem Solver
 ~ Self Motivated
 ~ Reliable

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